Our Mission

The MaternityCare Consumers of Alberta Network (MCAN) is the provincial body that represents Alberta consumers on important maternity care health policy and other initiatives.

Our Vision

Alberta women freely choose where, how, and with whom they birth.

Our Objectives

  • Advocate fair, equitable, efficient, and effective access to maternity care services
  • Support consumers in engaging in the development, improvement, and expansion of maternity care and related services in Alberta

How We Do Our Work

  • Employing a rights-based philosophy that emphasizes the right of consumers to make informed choices and have equal access to publicly funded, quality maternity care of their choosing in their community (whether provided by midwives, physicians, or obstetricians)
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of provincial maternity health care agenda, reforms and emerging issues and their impact on consumers and communities
  • Empowering and equipping leaders in the maternity care consumers community to be informed, amplify their voices and be effective in their work at local and provincial levels
  • Maximizing consumer participation in relevant bodies and groups that develop maternity health care policy, planning, decision-making, service delivery, and evaluation (e.g. regulatory agencies, professional organizations, health care settings)
  • Covening fora and developing programs to encourage collaboration and cooperation to advance MCAN's mission and vision
  • Being a respected and credible voice for Alberta maternity care consumers

Nan Nassef is MCAN's Artist-in-Residence. Nan prepared and delivered a powerful spoken word piece for MCAN's Leadership Face to Face meeting.