Mental Health and Social Resource Guide for Edmonton and Area

Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Counseling Services Association of Alberta

204-10010 105 Street | Ph: 780-448-0379

Circle of Safety Family Violence Program, creative family healing with emphasis on Aboriginal cultural practices. Healing Anger program for Aboriginal women


AHS Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program

Anderson Hall Room 204-10959 102 Street | Ph: 780-735-4512

Culturally sensitive diabetes self-management education and support


AHS Aboriginal Health Program

Anderson Hall Room 103-10959 102 Street | Ph: 780-735-5326

Aboriginal care coordinators help Aboriginal patients and their families through their hospital stay and help them connect with relevant resources


Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society: New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service

11648 85 Street | Ph: 780-474-1995

Provides information, supports, referral services and relocation assistance for Aboriginal families new to Edmonton and surrounding areas


Canadian Native Friendship Centre

11817 80 Street | Ph: 780-761-1900

Assistance for Aboriginal newcomers with referrals and information sharing. Gathering place for social and recreational Aboriginal events


Creating Hope Society of Alberta

10863 96 Street | Ph: 780-477-7961

Offers a multitude of advocacy and empowerment services to Aboriginal families including and after-school program for Aboriginal Youth. Moccasins in Motion, Aboriginal Mothers Advocacy Project, Grandparents Empowering Grandparents, and advocacy for Aboriginal families involved in the child welfare system


Edmonton Inuit Cultural Society

11726 95 Street | Ph: 780-982-2294

Offers culturally based resources to urban Inuit families


Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women: Empower U Financial Independence Training

201-10812 178 Street | Ph: 780-479-8195

Money management and budgeting program for Aboriginal women


Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples

10821 96 Street | Ph: 780-422-3052

Aboriginal spiritual wellness and celebrations incorporating the herbs, dances and traditions of Edmonton's Aboriginal population


Addictions Resources

Addictions Services Edmonton (formerly AADAC)

10010 102A Avenue | Ph: 780-427-2736

Access to addictions counsellors and assessment. Addictions day programming and drop-in groups


AHS Adult Detoxification - Addiction Recovery Centre

10302 107 Street | Ph: 780-427-4291

Supports individuals with successful withdrawal from alcohol and other substances


Alpha House: Catholic Social Services

Ph: 780-473-5957

Resident treatment. Assists in addictions recovery, establishing healthy relationships and finding/maintain employment


Henwood Treatment Centre

18750 18 Street NW | Ph: 780-422-9069

Residential treatment for both men and women


McDougall House Addiction Recovery

11070 108 Street | Ph: 780-426-1409

Residential long-term addiction treatment for women 18 years of age and over


Our House Addiction Recovery Centre

22210 Stony Plain Road | Ph: 780-474-8945

Residential long-term treatment for men


Poundmaker's Lodge Treatment Centre

Ph: 780-458-1884

Residential treatment with emphasis on healing using cultural and spiritual indigenous concepts


Recovery Acres Society

6329 118 Ave | Ph: 780-471-2969

Long-term residential treatment for men


Adoption Resources

Adoption Options Alberta Ltd.

304-10109 106 Street | Ph: 780-433-5656

Information and support for families considering adoption. Pro-choice counselling and counselling supports to birth parents


Small Miracles Adoption

2020-10060 Jasper Ave | Ph: 780-421-1177

Information, options, and support for families considering adoption


Bereavement Supports

Canadian Mental Health Association: Edmonton Region Suicide Bereavement Support Services

300-10010 105 Street | Ph: 780-482-0198

Support for individuals, groups and families that have been impacted by suicide


Cornerstone Counselling Centre

302-10140 117 Street | Ph: 780-482-6215

Personal grief counselling


Jewish Family Services Edmonton: Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss

100-8702 Meadowlark Road | Ph: 780-454-1194

Education and individual/group support for people grieving loss through death


Pilgrims Hospice Society: Counselling Services and Spiritual Care

9808 14 Street | Ph: 780-413-9801 ext 307

Bereavement support groups, individual counselling and spiritual support


Reproductive Mental Health Program - AHS, Lois Hole Hospital for Woman

Robins Pavilion, RAH - 10240 Kingsway Ave | Ph: 780-735-5611

Grief and bereavement counselling related to reproductive status. Contact by faxing referral form. May be a self-referral as well


Crisis Support & Hotlines

Alberta Health Services: Community Urgent Services and Stabilization Team (CUSST) - aka Adult Mobile Mental Health

Ph: 780-342-7777

Provides assessment, consultation, intervention, stabilization and short-term mental health follow-up services for individuals experiencing acute mental health distress


Alberta Health Services Children's Mental Health Crisis Line

Ph: 780-427-4491


Canadian Mental Health Association Distress Line

Ph: 780-482-HELP (4357)

24-hour supportive listening line and crisis intervention for individuals coping with stressful situations


Kids Help Phone

Ph: 1-800-668-6868

24-hour free, anonymous and confidential telephone and web counselling for youth and children ages 5-20 years


Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) - Distress Line

Ph: 780-423-4121

24-hour crisis line offering support and resources for survivors of sexual assault


Family Supports

Alberta Human Services Childcare Subsidy

Ph: 780-644-9992

Provides childcare subsidy to approved day homes and daycares for eligible low income Edmonton families. Applications can be found at the link above


Boyle Street Community Services - Water Wings

10116 105 Avenue | Ph: 780-424-4106

Literacy and employment readiness program


Boys and Girls Club Big Brother Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area

10135 89 Street | Ph: 780-424-8181

Offers mentorship programming in school and in the community for children and adolescence. Free


Centre for Family Literacy: Adult Literacy Tutoring

11642 142 Street | Ph: 780-421-7323

One-on-one tutoring support by volunteer tutors for adult literacy skills. Small group workshops and social opportunities also available


Edmonton John Howard Society: Family Violence Prevention Centre

401-10010 105 Street | Ph: 780-423-1635

Support for individuals impacted by family violence including court support, advocacy, outreach, referrals and furniture


Edmonton Region Child and Family Services: Regional Office

6th Floor, Oxbridge Place 9829 106 Street | Ph: 780-427-2250 or 780-422-3355

Crisis intervention, assessment, family support programming and family enhancement services for families with children in the Edmonton area. Link above has information on all Edmonton office locations


Family Supports for Children with Disabilities: Edmonton Disabilities Services

4th Floor Park Plaza 10611 98 Avenue | Ph: 780-427-4354 | Intake Line: 780-644-1636

Intake email:

Provides a wide range of services for families raising children with disabilities. Supports include counselling, education, recreation and funding for special services


Kara Family Resource Centre: Northeast Parent Link Centre

6717 132 Avenue | Ph: 780-478-5396

Services and supports in the areas of parent education, family support and advisement, early childhood development, information and referral, and parent resource libraries. All services free of charge


The Family Centre

9912 106 Street | Ph: 780-423-2831

Individual, couples, marriage and family counselling, family and self-help workshops, interpretive/translation services. Offers service on a sliding scale


Financial Assistance

Alberta Adult Health Benefit - Health Benefits Contact Centre

PO Box 2222 Station Main, Edmonton | Ph: 780-427-6848

Free healthcare coverage for prescription drugs, ambulance, optical and dental for low income families. Find a copy of the online application here


Alberta Works - Income Support Program

Ph: 780-644-5135

Financial and health benefit assistance for families in need. Find a copy of the online application form here


Assured income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) Program: Edmonton Region

500 Westcor Building, 12323 Stony Plain Road | Ph: 780-415-6300

Fixed monthly income and healthcare benefits for individuals living with permanent disabilities. Find copies of all necessary AISH documents online here


Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

Supplementary income for individuals who have permanently left the workforce due to disability. Online application above at link above


Employment Insurance (Service Canada)

Ph: 1-800-206-7218

Income for individuals going on maternity/parental leave. Apply online here


Food Security

Alberta Health Services Collective Kitchens

Ph: 780-735-3044

Small groups held throughout the city that assist participants in learning about food budgeting, shopping, meal planning and preparation. Meals are prepared and can be frozen to take home. Minimal fee


Edmonton's Food Bank

11508 120 Street | Ph: 780-425-2133 or 780-425-4190

Short-term food assistance via food hampers in neighbourhood outlets. Please note: this line often rings busy. Please be patient and call persistently. Website also provides link to several stores in the city that offer discounted produce such as Fatima's Fruit & Vegetable and Edmonton Potato Growers


Freedom Centre Bread Run

4925 134 Avenue

Wednesdays: 10:00am to 11:00am - Day-old bread, pastries, and fresh produce for free


Garneau United Church

11148 84 Avenue

Saturdays: sign-up at 7:30am - bread and canned goods distribution from 8:30am to 9:30am


Leduc & District Food Bank Association

4810 49 Avenue, Leduc | Ph: 780-986-5333


Millwoods United Church

15 Grand Meadow Crescent

Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00am - free bread, fruit and vegetable distribution


Parkland Food Bank

105 Madison Crescent, Spruce Grove | Ph: 780-962-4565


St. Albert Food Bank

50 Bellrose Drive, St. Albert | Ph: 780-459-0599


St. Theresa's Catholic Parish

7508 29 Avenue

Free bread and produce distribution Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pm to 6:00pm


Strathcona Food Bank Association

255 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park | Ph: 780-449-6413


Wecan Food Basket Society

Ph: 780-413-4525

Basic groceries baskets at low cost. Food orders placed once per month; annual membership fee of $5.00


Harm Reduction Supports

Butterfly Transitions and Healing Society (BTAHS)

Ph: 780-716-7058 | Email:

Holistic harm reduction and restorative practices. Focuses on supporting social and spiritual supports of families of substance users. Provides transportation to appointments, offers healing circles, etc.


Street Works: Boyle Street Co-op

10116 105 Avenue | Ph: 780-424-4106 | Email:

Harm reduction services for those living with addictions and living high-risk lifestyles. Needle exchange program and education, information, support for those living at risk



Capital Region Housing Society

10232 112 Street | Ph: 780-420-6161

Affordable housing for families in the Edmonton Area. Provides subsidized rent in housing city-wide. It is important that clients know this service has a long waitlist and likely will not provide immediate solutions for crisis housing situations. Women with children are often prioritized on the waitlist


Homeward Trust Edmonton

6th Floor, 10242 105 Street | Ph: 780-496-2630

Housing initiative in Edmonton aimed at ending homelessness in the city. Home of the Housing First initiative, which organizes several different housing projects ranging from community living in supportive settings to independent apartments with support workers attached to individuals


Metis Urban/Capital Housing Corporation

11923 121A Street | Ph: 780-452-6440

Provides affordable housing opportunites and support to Edmonton's Metis and Aboriginal population


Legal Assistance

Alberta Human Rights Commission

800-10405 Jasper Avenue | Ph: 780-427-7661

Investigates and resolves human rights complaints according to the Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act


Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton

4th Floor, Law Courts Building, 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square | Ph: 780-422-4775

Offers support to women in conflict with the law


Family Law Information Centre

Main Floor, Law Courts Building, 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square | Ph: 780-415-0404

Provides information, how to make family law applications, and child support guidelines. Information only


Legal Aid Alberta: Edmonton Branch

300-10320 102 Avenue | Ph: 780-427-7575

Legal advice, referral and representation in all areas of the law including youth, criminal, and family law, for low and fixed-income families


Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP)

7th Floor, John E Brownlee Building, 10365 97 Street | Ph: 780-422-5555

Intermediary for clients who have child or spousal support owing or owed to them


Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre

430-9810 111 Street | Ph: 780-423-0896

Conflict resolution services for neighbours, community organizations, families, and those impacted by crime


Student Legal Services of Edmonton

Emily Murphy House, 11011 88 Avenue | Ph: 780-492-2226

Provides free legal information and assistance on certain areas of civil, family, and criminal law


Mental Health and Counselling

AHS - Aboriginal Mental Health and Addictions and Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Helper Services

Anderson Hall Room 303-10959 102 Street | Ph: 780-735-6939

Group and holistic support programs delivered in a culturally sensitive manner for the city's Aboriginal population that is experiencing concerns with addictions and mental health. Family doctor, nurse, dietitian, Aboriginal health coordinator and cultural helpers available


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: East Edmonton Mental Health Clinic

East Edmonton Health Centre - 7910 112 Avenue | Ph: 780-342-4408

Access to mental health therapist, psychiatric consultation and addictions counselors


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Edmonton Community Mental Health Clinic

5th Floor, 9942 108 Street | Ph: 780-342-7700 | Intake: 780-342-7600

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation, community occupational and recreational therapists, day programming and recreational programming


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Fort Saskatchewan Mental Health Centre

Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital, Sherrit Health Centre 9401 86 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan | Ph: 780-342-2388

Access to mental health therapist, psychiatric consultation and addictions counselors


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Morinville Mental Health Clinic

10008 107 Street S, Morinville | Ph: 780-342-2620

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Northeast Community Health Centre

14007 50 Street | Ph: 780-342-4027

Access to mental health therapist, psychiatric consultation and addictions counsellors


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Northgate Mental Health Clinic

2nd Floor, 9499 137 Avenue | Ph: 780-342-2700

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Sherwood Park Mental Health Clinic

Strathcona Community Hospital, 9000 Emerald Drive, Sherwood Park | Ph: 780-342-3373

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: Stony Plain Mental Health Clinic

Westview Health Centre, 4405 S Park Drive, Stony Plain | Ph: 780-963-6151

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation. Serves the Spruce Grove area as well


AHS - Addictions & Mental Health: St. Albert Mental Health Clinic

St. Albert Provincial Building, Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert | Ph: 780-342-1410

Access to mental health therapist and psychiatric consultation


Canadian Mental Health Association: Edmonton Region

300-10010 105 Street | Ph: 780-414-6300

Services and supports for individuals with all forms of mental health issues including workshops for clients and family, client and family support groups, ILS supports, and recreation/day programming


Catholic Social Services: Individual and Family Counselling Program

Catholic Social Services Edmonton, 10709 105 Street | Ph: 780-420-1970

Individual and family counselling provided by clinical social workers or psychologists on a short-term or on-going basis. Services provided on a sliding scale


Cornerstone Counselling Centre

302-10140 117 Street | Ph: 780-482-6215

Individual and family counselling and assessment. Some service available on a sliding scale


Eating Disorders Program

University of Alberta Hospital, 4th Floor, Unit 4F4, 8440 112 Street | Ph: 780-407-6114

Multi-disciplinary eating disorders treatment program including psychiatric assessment, treatment and in-patient/out-patient follow-up, day programming and nutritional consulting with registered dietitians


Edmonton Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic (EEPIC) - locations out of Alberta Hospital Edmonton

17480 Fort Road and Edmonton Mental Health Clinic, 3rd Floor 9942 108 Street | Ph: 780-342-5523

Psychiatrists and mental health therapists specializing in first episode psychosis for adults aged 18-35


Grey Nuns Community Hospital Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinics

Gray Nuns Community Hospital, 1100 Youville Drive | Ph: 780-735-7119

Psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, psychiatric day programming


Insight Psychological

North Location: 15379 Castledowns Road | Ph: 780-478-2580

South Location: 9148 23 Avenue | Ph: 780-461-1717

Individual, marital and family counselling and assessment by registered psychologists. Standard fees. No sliding scales.


Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder (OBAD) Peer Support Meeting

Bsmnt Rm, Grey Nuns Community Hospital, 1100 Youville Drive

Peer support group offered every Thursday evening year round from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for individuals with diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder. No need to call or send a referral - simply show up


Reproductive Mental Health Program - AHS

Lois Hole Hospital for Woman, Robins Pavilion, RAH - 10240 Kingsway Avenue | Fax: 780-735-5611

Mental health support for women experiencing anxiety, depression, stress and/or grief and bereavement related to their reproductive status. Contact by faxing referral form. May be a self-referral as well


Royal Alexandra Hospital Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinics

Royal Alexandra Hospital, 6th Floor, PCU 64, 10240 Kingsway Avenue | Ph: 780-735-4564

Psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, psychiatric out-patient day programming


Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton

14964 121A Avenue | Ph: 780-423-4102

Counselling, support, and crisis line services for survivors of sexual abuse


University of Alberta Hospital Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinics

University of Alberta Hospital, Main Floor, 8440 112 Street | Ph: 780-407-6501

Psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, psychodynamic day and evening programming


Sexual Health/Pregnancy

Alberta Health Services - Birth Control Centre

Capital Health Centre, North Tower 405-10030 107 Street | Ph: 780-735-0010

Contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, STI testing and PAP tests for low-income women who do not have access to birth control. Confidential services


Alberta Health Services Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic

Edmonton General Hospital, 3B20 11111 Jasper Avenue | Ph: 780-342-2300

East Edmonton Health Centre 7910 112 Avenue | Ph: 780-342-4733

Jasper Avenue Clinic 11745 Jasper Avenue (walk-in service)

Free, confidential testing, treatment and counselling on all STIs including HIV and AIDS


Boyle McCauley Health Centre: Women's Health Clinic

9611 101A Avenue | Ph: 780-482-5111

Walk-in prenatal care and STI testing


Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness

50-9912 106 Street | Ph: 780-423-3737

Confidential information on birth control, pregnancy options, and post-abortion support. Also offers free pregnancy tests


Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre

207-11125 107 Avenue | Ph: 780-482-5111

Free pregnancy tests and counselling, information and education on alternatives to abortion


Pregnancy Care Centre

11223 100 Avenue | Ph: 403-424-2624

Free pregnancy testing, peer support, counselling referrals, and maternity clothes


Pride Centre of Edmonton

10608 105 Avenue | Ph: 780-488-3234

LGBTQ resources, support, counselling and programming


Terra Centre for Teen Parents

9930 106 Street | Ph: 780-428-3772

Youth services including pregnancy testing, pregnancy options, parenting support, confidential programming, home visits, prenatal classes and education programs for teen parents


Women's Health Options

12409 109A Avenue | Ph: 780-484-1124

Confidential abortion services to women 5-20 weeks pregnant. Pro-choice counselling, post-abortion health and birth control



A Safe Place (Sherwood Park)

Ph: 780-464-SAFE (7233)

Temporary shelter for abused women and children


Edmonton Women's Shelter (WIN House)

Ph: 780-479-0058

Temporary shelter for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. 24-hour supportive listening and referrals to counselling resources


Hope Mission: Women's Emergency Shelter

9908 106 Avenue | Ph: 780-422-2018

Temporary emergency shelter for homeless women aged 24 years and older


Lurana Shelter Society

Ph: 780-424-5875

Temporary shelter and transportation for women with or without children who are experiencing domestic violence


Women's Emergency Accommodation Center (WEAC)

9611 101A Avenue | Ph: 780-423-5302

Emergency accommodation and links to supports for homeless women and transgender women