Board of Directors

We are a woman-led volunteer collective. Together we accomplish and share the 'work' of MCAN. Distributed throughout the province of Alberta are Regional Representatives and Board of Directors

President:  Monique Durette is a wife and mother to one toddler son, step-mother to two teenage step-sons, and an experienced Bookkeeper and Entrepreneur. She has years of experience in both the non-profit and for-profit business sectors. She currently runs Little Monkeys Playhouse, a dayhome in Airdrie, and writes about life on her blog The Words of Myself. After the traumatic birth of her son, she became very passionate about women having options in maternity care and has been a member and Director of MCAN since early 2014. She held the position of Treasurer from 2014-2017. She Chairs the Maternal Mental Health Mandate Committee. She is also the founder of VBAC Canada Facebook Support Group.

Vice-President - Internal: Michelle Pollock is a mom to 2 beautiful young ladies and 5 handsome young men. She and her family have resided in Fort McMurray for the past 13 years. She has always had a strong desire to offer support to mom's in her Region, previously through working as a Family Director at a local church and in 2014 she took the leap to open a Mom and Baby boutique, first in her home where she offered Mom2Mom play dates and support group, then onto retail where she offered practical prenatal classes and support. In the spring of 2017, she also begins formally obtaining her Doula certification through Dona. Her desire to see the care for expectant mothers began through her own experiences, both personal and while offering labour support, and that desire continues to grow as she hears accounts from customers and the struggles they face. In the past she has served on several boards and currently serves on the Buckle Up Wood Buffalo board, focusing on passenger safety.

Vice-President - External: Nadia Houle is a Registered Acupuncturist and Indigenous birth knowledge keeper based in the Edmonton area.  She blends her skills and culture together to treat women, children and families in the clinic and through their birth journeys. Reclamation of her Indigenous Cree roots, particularly traditional birth practices, has become her motivation for her current creation of Indigenous Birth of Alberta.  Nadia's vision is to create strong indigenous mothers starting from birth, as part of reconciling and healing.  Indigenous Birth of Alberta's focus is to improve access to high quality maternity care for indigenous women, despite their social status and geographical location. She has been a part of the local birthing community for over 10 years.  Nadia has volunteered for local organizations such as Doula Association of Edmonton(DAE), Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (ASAC), Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton (BACE), VBAC Association of Edmonton and MCAN as a leader.  Nadia has 4 children who have inspired and enriched her career and a husband who patiently supports her.

Vice-President - Leadership: Tracy Bradley brings enthusiasm and broad skill-set to compliment her role on the Board of MCAN. Her positive energy is combined with her warm and vibrant personality and her determination to serve.Tracy is proud of her 29 years in retail management, including her own high-end children's and maternity clothing stores which were located in the funky and popular "Old Strathcona" shopping and theatre district of Edmonton. Tracy was a Senior Manager at Blu's Womenswear over a five-year period ending in 2015. As a birth doula and Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator, Tracy specializes in educating families in breastfeeding, pregnancy, prenatal health and postpartum care. In her role as Director of Grow Centre, it is her passion to create a space where clients can learn, create and connect. Grow's focus is on Maternal Health, but are not exclusively such. They aim to educate birth workers, moms and birth partners alike by bringing dynamic presenters and classes to their centre. They create community by example, and host fantastic opportunities for connection on a weekly basis. Tracy has owned and operated five businesses in the past and present, and is driven to provide the best product to clients, be it in service or hard goods.

Treasurer: Gates Durette is a husband, a father to three sons, and a student at Mount Royal University, pursuing an education in Law. He brings diverse bookkeeping and business knowledge to the role of Treasurer. After witnessing the birth of his youngest son, he has become a firm believer and supporter of women's choice in maternity care matters and of fully informed, uncoerced consent. He brings the unique perspective of the "supporting partner" to his work and role with MCAN.

Secretary: Stephanie Lilly currently resides in Fort McMurray with her husband and young toddler. She has a background as a Registered Massage Therapist and entrepreneur. Since finishing her maternity leave, she has been working part-time at a local mom and baby boutique, and stays home with her son. She is very passionate about eliminating the stigmas surrounding mental health issues, primarily those relating to maternal mental Health.

Registrar:  Samantha is a mom to four young boys, wife to one amazing husband, and currently resides in Okotoks, Alberta with her family. She is also an experienced Registered Nurse in Labour & Delivery. After a traumatic and unnecessary 3rd cesarean delivery, she set out on a personal journey to find healing and empowerment, and had a vba3c (vaginal birth after three cesareans) with the birth of her fourth child in 2016. Her fourth pregnancy was mostly unassisted due to difficulty finding a supportive provider. This, along with her experiences in prior deliveries both personally and professionally, led her to speak out publicly regarding access to supported choices in labour and delivery. She participated in a nationally-televised news interview highlighting issues in Canadian Maternity Care as well as spoke of her own personal journey. Samantha hopes to better support women and families by being an advocate for choices in childbirth and a voice for change to current non-evidence based practices in care, as well as validating and supporting women whom have had a traumatic experience on their own journeys.

Director at Large #1: Jodine Chase owns a public relations firm specializing in issues and crisis communications and news analysis. She is a longtime breastfeeding advocate with five children and eight grandchildren. She curates Human Milk News. She provides communications strategy support to the Alberta Association of Midwives and is president of the board of directors of the Breastfeeding Association of Edmonton (BACE). She is passionate about ensuring appropriate infant and young child feeding in emergencies and is co-lead of SafelyFed Canada. She has been a volunteer on leadership teams for the Alberta Breastfeeding Committee, Human Milk for Human Babies Global Network, and is a supporter of the NorthernStar Mothers’ Milk Bank. She works to raise the profile of breastfeeding discrimination issues in Canada and around the world.

Director at Large #2: Joelle Morrisey is a mother who is passionate about women's choice in maternity care. She is an active volunteer in Airdrie and Calgary and enjoys homeschooling her oldest son. Maternity, birth, and postpartum care have long interested her, especially after the birth of her four children. She is looking forward to helping give a voice to women in Alberta.